The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining and administering accurate accounting information for the public and departments in a timely and meaningful manner.

Accounts Payable

Vendors can submit invoices and other accounts payable documents to

Accounts Payable Division is an important part of the Finance Department that ensures invoices are processed and vendors are paid in a timely manner.  Contractor packages, travel and training reports are also administered through this division.

Accounts Payable processes payments on a weekly basis.  Invoices are to be received by end of day Tuesdays with the check run the following day on Wednesdays.

The Town of Waxhaw is not tax exempt, therefore, we pay sales tax.

Audited Financial Statements

FY17 Audit
FY16 Audit
FY15 Audit
FY14 Audit

Town of Waxhaw Annual Budgets


FY19 Budget
FY18 Budget
FY17 Budget
FY16 Budget

ABC Budgets 

ABC FY19 Budget
ABC FY18 Budget