Trash Collections & Recycling

A new trash and recycling removal service rolled out on February 7, 2018.
Curbside trash pick up remains a weekly service but the Town has been split into three zones: 
  • Zone 1 will be serviced on Wednesdays
  • Zone 2 will be serviced on Thursdays
  • Zone 3 will be serviced on Fridays
Recycling pick-up has additional changes. Instead of picking up small bins of recyclables weekly, large, 96-gallon roll-out containers (tan-same size as trash containers) have been provided to residents. These roll-out recycling carts will be picked up every other week. So, each of the three zones have been split into "Week A" and "Week B" for recycling pick-up. Week A recyclables will begin pick-up the week of February 7th and continue bi-weekly thence forth. Week B recyclables will begin pick-up the week of February 14th and continue bi-weekly thence forth.

Click on the links below to see your Zone designation for weekly trash pick-up and your Week A or Week B designation noting bi-weekly recycling pick-up. for questions call Public Services at 704-843-7439.

Zones by Street Name

Zones by Subdivision

Service Map 

Sign Up for Garbage Service
To sign up for waste collection and recycling services, complete the "Waste Collection and Recycling Services form".