Planning Processes

Planning Processes

In an effort to provide excellent customer service, the Town of Waxhaw's Development Services Department is working to provide steps for different types of plans and processes. 
Text Amendment & Rezoning
Text amendments are changes to the Unified Development Ordinance language and apply to all applicable properties that fall under the regulations and are not tied to a specific property.
Rezoning occurs w
hen land owners want to develop or use their property in ways that do not conform to the current zoning regulations.
2016-17 Text Amendment & Rezoning Schedule
Text Amendment Cheat Sheet
General Rezoning Cheat Sheet

During the plan review process, outside agency approvals may be required.  It is the applicants responsibility to secure these approvals and to provide documentation of all approvals to Town officials upon request.  In these instances, please refer to this "Outside Agency Routing Protocol".

Conditional Rezoning
 Initial conditional zoning and rezoning of property included in the application that would allow uses that are restricted to those in the corresponding zoning district and further allow for fair and reasonable conditions.
Conditional Rezoning Process
2018-19 Conditional District Rezoning Schedule
Conditional District Rezoning Cheat Sheet

Conditional Use Permit
A Conditional Use Permit is an authorization issued by the Board of Commissioners for a conditional use of for the rezoning of one or more properties to a Conditional Use District (CUD) and which may be subjected to any specific restrictions or conditions on its size, location, construction, hours of operation, character of use, and other fair and reasonable conditions as specified by the Board of Commissioners. 
2016 -17 Conditional Use Permit Schedule
Conditional Use Permit Cheat Sheet
Commercial Plan Review
Commercial Plan Review assesses all commercial non residential construction documents for compliance with the Town's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

Commercial Plan Review Checklist

Subdivision Review
​Subdivision Review assesses all subdivision construction documents for compliance with the Town's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). 
Plan Review Application
Plan Review
Development Plan review assesses all construction and master site development for compliance with the Town's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).
Plan Review Application
Plan Review Memorandum - Third Submittal Policy