Commissioner Kat Lee

Term Expires: December 2021

Commissioner Kat Lee is a dedicated public servant who believes in the shared duty of all people to care for and serve their community. She served as an intelligence analyst in D.C. for several years, before deciding to continue her life of service in local government. She will stand for the rights of all residents of Waxhaw, and for openness and integrity in government.

Commissioner Lee is particularly passionate about expanding Waxhaw's parks and green spaces, and raising the quality of life for Waxhaw's children and families through the promotion of educational opportunities, the arts and recreational facilities. She is also passionate about ensuring town zoning and land use does not negatively impact Waxhaw's families.

Commissioner Lee is a member of Saint Margaret's Church and has been volunteering through the Sunday School program for several years. She is an avid reader, history buff, and a painting and craft hobbyist.