Parks & Recreation

Welcome to the Waxhaw Parks & Recreation Department! The mission of the department is to provide recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities that promote a healthy lifestyle and excellent quality of life in a safe environment for citizens of all ages, means, and abilities!

The Parks & Recreation Department is the Town's newest department! From upgrading existing facilities to creating new opportunities, there is a lot to be excited about!  On our quest to champion quality living, the department proudly partners with local and regional organizations such as the Carolina Thread Trail, YMCA, Waxhaw Athletic Association, homeowners associations and more! 

A great illustration of our recreational vibrancy is easily seen through our Town events!  Known for family-friendly events, there is something to do and see throughout the entire year!  From the arts to championship BBQ competitions, we know how to show you a good time! 

Join us as we work to bring you professional park facilities, recreational opportunities and quality of life initiatives that unmistakably reflect the unique character of Waxhaw!