H.C. Nesbit Park

1304 H.C. Nesbit Park Drive

Open:  Sunrise Until 30 Minutes After Sunset Unless Lit

Harvey Clay Nesbit Park is a 40 acre park located in the northwest quadrant of town. It offers residents parking areas, baseball fields, softball fields, multi-purpose fields, lit fields and picnic tables. The park is easily accessible from Kensington Drive. The park, itself, is adjacent to Kensington Elementary School and the residential community of Millbridge. Based on current plans, the park will eventually be bounded on two sides by the Carolina Thread Trail.

How the Park Works: Town & WAA

Field Reservations
If you are not a member of the Waxhaw Athletic Association (WAA) and would like to rent a field, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 704-843-2195 ext. 278 for more information. Space is limited.

Recreation Athletics
The Parks & Recreation Department currently works with the Waxhaw Athletic Association to bring recreational athletics to citizens via H.C. Nesbit Park.  There are many other great organizations to meet your rec athletic needs.  If you need assistance in finding the right fit for you, we want to help!  You are welcome to contact the department at 704-843-2195 ext 278 for assistance! 

An Important Note on Parking
Parking is available at the park as well as at Kensington Elementary School.  The school has two parking lots of which one can be accessed off of H.C. Nesbit Park Road and the other off of Kensington Drive.  Space is limited.