New to Waxhaw

  1. Animal Control

    A link to Waxhaw's animal control division.

  2. Area Schools

    A guide to local area schools.

  3. Be Rail Safe

    Read safety tips to be aware of around the railroad crossings in Waxhaw.

  4. Community Calendar

    A link to community events and meetings.

  5. Parks

    A guide to area parks.

  6. Medical Resources

    A guide to local medical care resources.

  7. Motor Vehicle Registration

  8. New Resident Helpful Information

    Access useful information for Waxhaw residents.

  9. Photo Gallery

    Browse thumbnails and full-sized images of the Town of Waxhaw.

  10. Religious Institutions

    A guide to religious institutions within Waxhaw.

  11. Things to Do

    Discover things to do in the Town of Waxhaw.

  12. Transportation

    Browse nearby transportation options.

  13. Voter Registration

    Voter registration information for new and established residents.

  14. Waxhaw Information

  15. Weather

    Get current weather information and forecasts for our community.