Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications (MARCOMM) consultant team leads the Town's media relations, marketing and manages the Town’s major communication vehicles including, the Town’s social media sites and public relations messages. 

MARCOMM develops and manages the branding platform and distributes educational information to the public through news releases, the Town newspaper, Waxhaw News, Town Newsletter, Waxhaw Happenings, and other forms of printed and electronic media. The goal of the MARCOMM team is to keep citizens informed of programs, activities, accomplishments, and upcoming issues.


The following communication principles will guide how the Town of Waxhaw engages internal and external audiences and customers. We will engage and inform our customers and stakeholders to provide information and determine future needs by being: P.R.O.A.C.T.V

P: Progressive –we will embrace change and look for ways to innovate 

R: Responsive – we will respond quickly to change and communications needs 

O: Open – we will provide for government transparency for all audiences 

A: Accurate – we will ensure information related to public is factual and accurate 

C: Considerate – we will prepare messages with the citizens in mind and adapt language to their needs depending upon the circumstances 

T: Timely – we will communicate what we know, when we know it 

V: Visible – we will provide all public information in a way that’s easy to access


Jeni Bukolt

Town of Waxhaw Communications