Waxhaw 101

COMING Feb 2018!

Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of local government?  Waxhaw 101 and learn about city departments and functions that help make Waxhaw a great place to live.  In Waxhaw 101 we’ll discuss Town management and tour Town Hall, the Police Department, Parks and Recreation and the Town Hall Annex.  You’ll receive a broad overview of how Waxhaw's local government works for you! 

Why Participate?

You will learn about your town's government; how it works and how it impacts your community.
You will be able to take that knowledge back to your neighbors and have the ability to be an effective leader in your neighborhood. You will be able to take this knowledge back to your business and when there are questions that you need answered from the city, you will know the right person to call.

Are You Eligible?

To be selected, you must live in the Town of Waxhaw city limits and be willing to commit the time to this informative and interesting program. The Town of Waxhaw will strive for diverse participation in this program.

What is the Cost?

There is no cost to Waxhaw citizens who attend the sessions.

What is Expected of Participants?

Participants must be willing to commit the time to attend the sessions.

Program Calendar

We are currently working on the program for February 2018, if you are interested in learning more, please contact Jeni Bukolt (communications@waxhaw.com) or call Town Hall 704-843-2195.