Blue Light Sk8 Night

Blue Light Sk8 Night
with Teen Band Renegade

Thursday, August 22, 2019
6-11 PM
Waxhaw Sk8 Park
201 Caldwell Street, Waxhaw

Blue Light Sk8 Night brings back the tradition of a night skate hosted by the Waxhaw community police.  This is a Skate Jam format under the lights at the Waxhaw Sk8 Park.  The skateboarding competition is FREE to compete in and we will be dishing out prizes and skate gear!  The competition is open to skaters of all ages and broken down by skill level from beginner on up.  There will be music, food trucks, prizes and a whole lot of fun.  Preregister here or on site the night of the skate beginning at 6 PM.  Skateboards Only.  Helmets Required.

Blue Light Sk8 Night Event Schedule

6:00-7:30pm Registration/Free Skate

  • During registration, numbered stickers will be placed on helmets for judging.  Skaters will be categorized by age and reported skill level.
  • Free Skate until event begins
  • Show us your artistic flair!  Paint skate decks designed by Tom Risser, the mastermind behind the Waxhaw Sk8 Park. 

 7:30-7:45pm Introduction (Everyone must attend)

  • Highlight safety/rules of contest

 7:45-7:59pm Contest Warm up (Free Skate)

  • Sectioned off section for others to skate while jam sessions are in progress
  • Contest Begins

 8:00-8:20pm Jam Session 1

  • Elementary Age/ Beginner

8:30-8:50pm Jam Session 2

  • Middle School Age/ Intermediate

9:00-9:20pm Jam Session 3

  • High School Age and UP/ Advanced

9:30-9:59pm Free skate

  • Open Free skate for all
  • Judges deliberate winners


  • Winners Announced by Waxhaw Police Department