Commissioner Pedro Morey

Commissioner Pedro R. Morey is a married father of two girls and has been a resident of Waxhaw for four years. He is a retired police officer and a United States Marine combat veteran having won service and valor awards during his service as both a police officer and United States Marine.

Upon taking residence in Waxhaw, Commissioner Morey immediately became engaged with the community by serving as a Site-Based parent at Kensington Elementary School and later being elected to serve as Vice President of his Home Owners Association. Commissioner Morey then began serving the Town of Waxhaw as a sitting member of the Town of Waxhaw's Board of Adjustment. He also serves the public while being an active member of the charity organization Rotary International and is involved with veterans groups like the Waxhaw American Legion Post and the nearby Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

Commissioner Morey is a strong supporter of local businesses and a strong advocate of Waxhaw, not just locally but at the county and state level. He is in communication with several county and state elected officials advocating and promoting Waxhaw. Commissioner Morey believes in being visible and engaged with the public so that  residents concerns are represented and transparency is maintained.

In his spare time Commissioner Morey spends time with his family and can sometimes be seen riding his motorcycle down Waxhaw's winding roads.