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Posted on: January 30, 2017

Town's Response Regarding Branding

Waxhaw’s communication and branding work has been the focus of much attention recently. One word – HAW – has become the primary focus of comments, questions and petitions.

First and foremost, Waxhaw has NOT changed our Town name to “HAW”.  It was never suggested, and has never been discussed. The Town name is Waxhaw and will always be incorporated as Waxhaw.  The official logo and the Town Seal proudly say Waxhaw. 

The Waxhaw branding platform, of which the acronym “HAW” is only one small part, has been an iterative process. Business organizations (Rotary & WBA) and citizens (surveys & meetings) have been involved and provided input, with full Board awareness over a lengthy period of time. Branding has been comprehensive. It reinforces our mission, vision, and values that leads the Town’s work in the future.  It has determined the look and feel we want to convey on advertisements, event announcements, and event logos.  It has beautifully updated our Town Seal, and wayfinding signage that proudly welcomes all to Waxhaw.  It has enabled a redesigned responsive website that is viewable on the device of your choice. And with branding we have determined the indoor and outdoor commercial décor influences and signage designs that we will require of developers to honor our heritage as the inevitable growth occurs.  To understand that work more fully, you are invited to review the full brand platform here.  (Please note it is a large document and may take a minute to load.) 

There never was, nor would there ever be a desire to call anyone derogatory names through our branding.

Regardless of your view of “HAW”, the online bullying and name calling that has ensued is disappointing to say the least. There has been intentional misinformation, personal attacks and allegations against Town staff, personal attacks against citizens who have contrary views and personal and professional attacks against business owners. This goes against every value Waxhaw stands for and these actions are neither accepting of diversity nor respectful of creativity or of our neighbors. 

So where do we go from here? No decision should be made in a hostile environment. After reviewing the link above, the Town would welcome your feedback and has provided a safe and fair way for that feedback to be reviewed without fear or retribution. Please email your comments to . All of the comments will be reviewed so the best course of action can be taken. Ample notice will be provided to the public on our next steps.

The Town of Waxhaw has many serious challenges in front of it. The immediate and critical work of continuing to bring our growth policies and operations up to date and properly funded is ongoing. The process for hiring and transitioning to a new Town Manager and developing and approving a budget that provides for and manages growth smartly has begun. We will keep you apprised of these critical activities at our Regular Board meetings.


Brand "Commercial" Video

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