Citizen Forms & Services

Citizen Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy is a 9 week course held one night a week to introduce citizens to what the Waxhaw Police Department does and what we are all about. Throughout the course citizens will take part of traffic stops, firearms, criminal law, SRT training and others. Please look on our Facebook page and the Town of Waxhaw's website for upcoming classes. Please click the following link to fill out the application.


Fingerprint services have been suspended due to COVID and will resume at a later date.

Request For Extra Patrol

The Request For Extra Patrol Form is used in the event that your residence will be unoccupied for a short period of time (like a vacation) and you would like the Police Department to check your residence while you are away.


The State of North Carolina offers two ways of handling a citation:
  • You may appear in court on the date and time listed on the top of the citation. At that time you will be able to hire an attorney or represent yourself in your case.
  • If you plan not to contest the citation, you may pay and dispose of your offense online through payNCticket. From here, you may waive your right to a trail / hearing in open court, plea guilty / responsible to the charge(s), and pay the total amount due via credit card. Upon completion of the online transaction, a verdict / finding of guilty / responsible will be entered against you and the case will be disposed in the same manner as if you had entered a plea of guilty / responsible in open court. This online payment method includes a nominal processing fee.

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