Community Outreach Programs

Community Watch

Community Watch is a highly successful effort that has been in existence for over 30 years in cities and counties across America. It provides a unique infrastructure that brings together local officials, law enforcement, and citizens to help keep Waxhaw a safe community.

D.A.R.E. Program
The D.A.R.E. Program teaches students about decision making and the negative effects of alcohol, drug, and tobacco abuse.

Extra Patrol
Complete the Extra Patrol Request Form to request that the Waxhaw Police Department perform extra patrols of your home / business if you are on vacation or need additional assistance.

Home Security Survey

For Home Security Survey, a certified crime prevention officer will come to your home and evaluate your door locks, alarm systems, and lighting. They will present you with a written evaluation of the overall security of your home.

Operation Identification
Operation Identification has valuable items (computers, televisions, bicycles) engraved with your driver's license number. If these items are stolen the engraved number can be entered in the NCIC computer to help recover the property.

Police Explorer Program

Through the Police Explorer Program, young adults working together to help serve their community.

Safety Awareness Course for Women

The Safety Awareness Course for Women is a two-hour course for women offering safety tips, including self defense training and environment awareness.

Safety Talks to Youth Groups & Senior Citizens

This is a community safety program that discusses the specialized safety needs of youth groups and senior citizens.