Parks, Cultural & Recreation Advisory Board

Interested in serving on the PCR? APPLY ONLINE TODAY through the "Board and Commission Volunteer Opportunities" page (application link is located at the top of the page)!


What does the Parks, Cultural & Recreation Advisory Board do?
The Parks, Cultural & Recreation Advisory Board works with Town staff to assist with Waxhaw’s most visible quality of life initiatives.  Committee members conduct research, assist with park/trail designs, implement Waxhaw’s public art plan, promote Waxhaw-centric cultural and recreational activities and ensure equitable distribution of amenities for all residents. The team also assists with identifying land for future park development and recreational needs.  

What skills do I need to serve on the Parks, Cultural & Recreation Advisory Board?
Desired skill sets include real estate, construction, conservation, event planning, marketing, commercial finance and most importantly, a passion for serving all citizens.  There is no residency requirement.

What is the time commitment?
The Parks, Cultural & Recreation Advisory Board (PCR) meets once a month on the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm in the Meeting Place, 209 W. South Main Street.  Board members also have additional take-home assignments to complete prior to the next monthly meeting that includes the study of Master Plans, community bench-marking, connecting with subject matter experts and listening to the citizens.  Board members can serve up to two consecutive, three-year terms. 
I'm interested! How do I apply?
View the Boards and Commission Volunteer Opportunities page and complete the online application.  Applications will be automatically forwarded to the Clerk's office and presented to the Board of Commissioners for review. The Board of Commissioners appoints all members of the PCR.

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