Waxhaw Oral History Project

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The Waxhaw Oral History Project is a effort by the Waxhaw Historic Preservation Commission to document and preserve the rich and diverse history of the Town of Waxhaw through a collection of interviews, documents and photos. These are personal experiences and stories from people about Waxhaw history that are intended to give a broad collection of remembrances of the past. The Town of Waxhaw does not endorse the historical accuracy of the stories and all views expressed are the views of the persons interviewed.
Lynn Jiang, a Blythe descendant, shares her Waxhaw history... Lynn Jiang Interview
Lynn Jiang's family photos Part 1
Lynn Jiang's Remembrance of the History of Blythe Mill Part 2
The History of Howie Gold Mine and Bonnie Belle Mine by Bill Howie Part 3

Part 4

Part 5