Waxhaw Police Department K9 Program

Waxhaw Police Department has two K9 handlers in place, Lieutenant Brad Coan and Officer Tyler Griffin. They are both extremely hard workers in the Police Department and have recently taken it upon themselves to better our department and the community by working with the K9 unit. 

There is no match for a well-trained K9 unit. When the K9 and handlers works as a team, they are able to perform multiple task at one time. With an active unit within Waxhaw, we have the potential to save the loss of lives, to save the amount of hours for officers, and to reduce the amount of drug activities within the community. The canines will also be a valuable training asset to local schools and other community events by assisting in drug prevention programs and demonstrations.

The Waxhaw Police Department strives to make the community of Waxhaw one of the safest places to live in North Carolina. We believe that with the implementation of the K9 unit, we will see a safer community to live and work in.

Thank You,
Chief Michael Eiss