Annexation Request

In order for property that is not currently within the Town of Waxhaw to be part of the Town of Waxhaw, individuals must request annexation.

Documents Required for Consideration:
  1. Complete the Online Request for Annexation
  2. Official Deeds to include a Legal Description of the Property (Application will allow for uploads)
  3. Survey of the Property
  4. List of Abutting Property Owners

  1. Planning Staff will affirm receipt of documents, review, and either process or contact you for clarification. 
  2. Once documents are reviewed and deemed sufficient, the request will go before the Board of Commissioners who will schedule a public hearing.  
  3. The public hearing will be held two weeks from the date of the initial review. 
  4. A final decision will be made two weeks after the public hearing has been completed.