Street Acceptance Policy

Street Acceptance and Maintenance

For information related to requests for Town acceptance of private streets for maintenance, or requests for improvements to existing Town maintained streets, please refer to the Policy for Street Improvements and Maintenance. The Town’s Powell Bill Map identifies the streets within our limits that are private, NCDOT, or Town maintained. This map is officially updated July of each year to include additions or deletions from the local network over the previous year. Questions regarding NCDOT maintained streets can be directed to NCDOT Division 10 District 3 Office as (704) 218-5100. Private streets are the responsibility of the property owner, or local Homeowners Association, if applicable.

Requests for maintenance to Town Streets such as potholes, streetlight bulbs, sidewalks, signs, storm drains, street sweeping, etc., can be made to the Public Services Department at (704) 843-2195.