Sidewalk Program

To promote and enhance the Towns dedication to the activities and wellness of it citizens, walkability is a major goal of our Comprehensive plan. The Town of Waxhaw has a Sidewalk Retrofit Policy to help guide the process by which new sidewalks are constructed along existing roadways throughout its Jurisdiction. The Engineering Division utilizes a Sidewalk Priority Rating System to determine where any particular section of sidewalk construction may be of the greatest benefit when compared to other areas of Town. Factors involved include traffic volume, connectivity, and constructability costs, among others, to aid the selection process for each annual sidewalk construction budget.

A great number of roadways have been identified from the 2012 Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan as in need of sidewalk improvements. Many of these involve infill connectivity along major thoroughfares that may be subject to outside funding from State or Federal Grants. These roads are also subject to larger Capital Improvement Projects (CIP’s) which seek to upgrade the corridors according to long range plans.  This will be taken into account each year when making recommendations based on the current list and budget for the year. 

To request a determination of a proposed sidewalk rating, please contact the Engineering Division at 704-843-2195 ext. 237, or through a Customer Service Request.

To request a repair of existing sidewalk, please contact Public Services at 704-843-7439, or through a
Customer Service Request.