Downtown TAP Grant Pedestrian Project



  • Enhance pedestrian connectivity to/from angled parking on S. Main Street with new sidewalk and crosswalks.

  • Add signalized crosswalks where possible
  • Shift crosswalks to more ideal locations
  • Consolidate and remove driveways on Broome Street
Pedestrian Function/Connectivity:

  • E. N. Main Street Pedestrian Plaza
  • Improved access to David G. Barnes Park
  • New sidewalks and new sidewalk connections throughout the downtown

  • Enhanced striping
  • Bike racks
Project Status

The Town is currently in the process of reviewing the final construction plan documents, obtaining an encroachment agreement with NCDOT, and negotiating right-of-way with CSX Rail.

Estimated Schedule:

  • Design Phase: Ongoing through February 2020
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition Phase: Concurrent with Design through February 2020
  • Bid Phase: December 2020
  • Construction Phase: 2021

Next Steps:

Obtain encroachment agreement from NCDOT and complete right-of-way negotiations with CSX Rail.

Downtown TAP