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CodeRED vs. ReadyNC: Two Apps to Keep You Informed

Since it has been available on the Town’s website for several years now, many Waxhaw residents may have already signed up for CodeRED/downloaded the app to their smart phone. CodeRED is a local emergency alert system that will apprise subscribers with notifications from their local emergency response team in the event of local emergency situations or critical community alerts such as evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices and missing child reports. This is a great notification system for Waxhaw and Union County.

While CodeRED is a great tool for receiving alerts about what is happening locally, there are times where greater, detailed information with a farther reach may be helpful. This is why citizens are urged to also download the ReadyNC mobile app. Like CodeRED, this application is available for both iPhone and Android phones. ReadyNC is a free, all-in-one tool for emergency preparedness, information during/through an emergency event and finding assistance after an event. Developed by North Carolina’s State Emergency Management, ReadyNC is a tool to help people prepare for everything from traffic jams to hurricanes and ice storms. The app gives information on real-time traffic and weather conditions (based on your current location and across the state and not just by the zip code you live in), river levels, evacuations, shelters and power outages. Additionally, the app is linked to ReadyNC.org where you can find information about disaster assistance: who do you contact after a disaster strikes to help you return to normal life?

To summarize, CodeRED is going to alert you if there is a local emergency incident but the information you receive may be limited. ReadyNC is not going to alert you but it will provide you with detailed information. So, one is like the headline of a news article while the other is the full article. The headline (i.e. CodeRED) is going to get your attention while the full article (i.e. ReadyNC) is going to give you details should you want to learn more. Together these two applications work in tandem to keep you informed locally and across the state during emergency situations. The Town of Waxhaw Emergency Management Team strongly recommends that citizens download both applications and be proactive with your family’s emergency preparedness.

Remember, hurricane season starts June 1st; we may not be a coastal community but we are a coastal state and although rare, hurricanes have directly hit the greater Charlotte area (Hugo 1989).

Waxhaw strives to keep residents informed and prepared in case of emergency events. Be as prepared as possible; create plans for different potential emergency events and discuss and practice plans with your family! For tips visit the links provided below.



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