FREE Registration

Registration is FREE.

All skaters must complete the registration form and waver at  Create an account.  Look under the Family category under Events and Programs for the Blue Light Sk8 Night event.  Fill out the online information and submit.  

During registration, numbered stickers will be placed on helmets for judging. 

Skaters will be categorized by age and reported skill level.

As a guide to assessing your skill level use the following criteria.  All participants are welcome regardless of skill level.  The description is only a guide to help you determine which division to sign up for.  The event is for fun and there are no requirements for tricks.

 ​* Beginner


** Intermediate

*** Advanced

0-2 years experience
Skaters who have just started skateboarding
3-4 years experience
Skaters who have some experience and can do some tricks
5+ years experience 
Ollies, kickflips, 180 - these skaters can do it all and are confident in their skills