Knox Box Program

Knox Box Entry System

The Knox Box system used by the Town of Waxhaw is a program designed to expedite entry and eliminate property damage caused by the forcible entry required for evaluation of an emergency situation and allows the Fire Department to secure the building when leaving. The entry system is required by Town Ordinance 91 and the NC Fire Code for all buildings equipped with a sprinkler or fire alarm system, all newly-constructed buildings, major up fits, gated areas, and extended response times by key holders or other buildings deemed necessary by the Fire Marshal's Office.

The Knox Box key system is a highly secure, UL-listed, nearly impenetrable steel vault used for the storage of entry keys, and alarm panel or mechanical system keys for use by the Fire Department. The keys to access the Knox Boxes are located in locked boxes inside of the emergency response apparatus and carried by the Fire Marshal and Fire Chief and cannot be duplicated. 

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Knox Box Installation

The location of the Knox Box shall be approved by the Fire Code Official prior to installation. The 

Knox Box shall be installed 5 feet high on unless otherwise approved by the Fire Code Official. Door stickers that come with the box should be placed on the main entrance door near the locking device. The Knox Box shall not be blocked from plain view by any obstructions (landscaping, etc.). Once the Knox Box is installed and you are ready to lock the keys in it, call to request a Fire Code Official to lock up the box.