Message from Mayor Pappas About COVID-19

A message from Waxhaw Mayor Ron Pappas:

The threat of COVID-19 across the country has inspired uncertainty and fear in our community. It has also inspired incredibly kind and helpful responses: neighbors helping neighbors, local churches organizing food drives for kids who might not have food while schools are closed, and Waxhaw businesses promoting and supporting each other.

As of 2:30 PM on March 18th, there is one confirmed case of COVID-19 in Union County. It might feel like there is a lot out of our control, and there is a lot of uncertainty about what to expect, but here are some ways you can help prevent the spread of the virus and stay grounded during this time.

  1. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, contact your primary care provider for evaluation. If you do not have a primary care provider, call the Union County Coronavirus Hotline at 704-292-2550, a local urgent care center, or a hospital emergency room and ask for guidance on how to be evaluated for COVID-19. Please do not arrive at a healthcare facility without calling first to prevent the potential spread of the virus. 
  2. Stay informed via the Town of Waxhaw Facebook page, Union County Facebook page, and the CDC’s website. Help stop the spread of misinformation by sharing from these reliable sources. Sign up for News Flashes from the town at
  3. When shopping for essential items, take only what you need for you and your family, so that there are enough resources for everyone.
  4. Continue to support local businesses and restaurants. Visit their websites and social media pages to see how you can make purchases while continuing to practice social distancing.
  5. Speaking of social distancing, please take it seriously. Social distancing prevents the spread of COVID-19, which can be passed from person to person before the infected person shows any symptoms. Please avoid social gatherings among neighbors or play dates amongst neighborhood children.
  6. Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Use video chat software like Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom to keep in touch with friends and family. Large gatherings are cancelled, but relationships are not.  
  7. Take care of each other. We are in this together, and will get through it together, as long as we look out for each other.

We wish you and your families health and hope during this time. We are working diligently in partnership with Union County and the State of North Carolina to offer the most up to date alerts and updates.  The town will continue to make decisions in the best interest of the health and safety of Waxhaw residents, patrons, and staff.

Take care,

Mayor Ron Pappas